Training Academy

Want to learn how to be the best, from the best?


Peaches Training Academy offers the very best in beauty training for those already in the industry and those looking to kick-start a new career.


We understand how easy it is to feel like you’ve been left behind in this fast paced beauty industry. You can be right out of college, feeling a little like you’re losing confidence in what you’ve learned in the last few years due to lack of practice or consistency in carrying out certain treatments, or you’re well established in the industry but feel like you’re falling behind in the latest trends in beauty treatments and techniques.


That’s where Peaches comes in, as we have designed accredited courses to enhance your skillset, keeping you up to date and feeling confident with the latest techniques & beauty treatments.


We are proud to deliver award winning expertise through our range of courses offering courses to suit complete beginners, students and courses for the professionals who just need a little refresh, we have courses that will help you reach new heights in your beauty career, regardless of where you position yourself currently.


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Upcoming Dates


Sunday 13th October: Lash Lift
Monday 21st October: Female Intimate
Sunday 27th October: Waxing Workshop x 2


Tuesday 5th November: Female Intimate (Falkirk)
Sunday 17th November: Brow Design
Monday 18th November: Female Intimate

January 2020

Tuesday 7th January: Waxing Workshop x 2 (Falkirk)
Sunday 12th January: Lash Lift
Monday 20th January: Female Intimate

February 2020

Sunday 2nd February: Waxing Workshop x 2
Tuesday 4th February: Male Intimate (Falkirk)
Monday 17th February: Female Intimate
Sunday 23rd February: Lash Lift

March 2020

Tuesday 3rd March: Male Lash Lift (Falkirk)
Monday 9th March: Female Intimate
Sunday 22nd March: Waxing Workshop x 2
Monday 30th March: Brow Design

April 2020

Tuesday 7th April: Female Intimate (Falkirk)
Sunday 19th April: Lash Lift
Monday 27th April: Male Intimate

May 2020

Tuesday 5th May: Female Intimate (Falkirk)
Monday 18th May: Brow Design
Sunday 31st May: Waxing Workshop
Training Academy Peaches Wax Bar

Female Intimate Waxing

Learn how to carry out a ‘virtually painless’, quick and efficient Hollywood/Brazilian using Hot Wax leaving your clients telling all their friends about what goes on down there!
Training Academy Peaches Wax Bar

Female Speed Waxing

Learn how to cut your waxing speed in half by using our proven techniques for speed waxing. You will leave feeling more confident and making less mess around the treatment room.
Training Academy Peaches Wax Bar

Male Brazilian Waxing

Venturing into the world of Male Waxing can be daunting as it’s a litte bit like the ‘fear of the unknown’ due to the lack of Male Waxing practice offered in college when you were training. Fear no more!
Training Academy Peaches Wax Bar

Male Speed Waxing

Same as the chicks but imagine offering the guys just as good! Cut your waxing speed in half by using our proven techniques for speed waxing. You will leave feeling more confident!
Training Academy Peaches Wax Bar

Beginner Body Waxing

If you haven’t studied Beauty Therapy but want to learn a trade that you can make an honest living on, then this is the course for you with our introduction to waxing.
Training Academy Peaches Wax Bar

Brow Design

Brows are the one thing we were all scared of waxing in college, right?  With it being difficult to shake this fear off properly we have created a course that will help you understand brows in depth.
Training Academy Peaches Wax Bar

Lash Lift

No more old school, this course makes way for the newest techniques to lift lashes that will look natural and will stay healthy, lifted and luscious for 6-8 weeks!
Training Academy Peaches Wax Bar

In-House Training

We also offers in-house training where you and your team can learn in the comfort of your own salon surroundings. Please contact us directly for in-house training prices.