Laser Hair Removal Glasgow and Falkirk


Laser (SHR) Sessions & Prices
Female Laser (SHR)

Consultation: 45 mins - £40

Session prices available on request

  •   Brazilian - £1050/course
  •   Brazilian and Full Leg - £1350/course
  •   Hollywood - £1050/course
  •   Hollywood and Full Leg - £1350/course
  •   Basic Bikini - £450/course
  •   Basic Bikini and Full Leg - £1110/course
  •   Thong - £570/course
  •   Thong and Full Leg - £1200/course
  •   Full Legs - £1050/course
  •   Underarms - £390/course

All other areas available on request

Male Laser (SHR)

Consultation - 45 mins - £40

  •   Brazilian - £1050/course
  •   Chest - £510course
  •   Chest Abs and Shoulders - £870/course
  •   Chest and Abs - £720/course
  •   Chest and Shoulders - £720/course
  •   Lower Back - £510/course
  •   Full Back and Shoulders - £870/course
  •   Underarms - £390/course
  •   Full Leg - £1110/course

All other areas available on request

You asked… you asked again… We listened.  We ACTIONED..  Introducing Peaches new Super Hair Removal Machine

Using the best Super Hair Removal technology, Peaches is proud to offer permanent hair removal.

Just a single course of treatment will provide you with a permanent reduction in unwanted hair growth. Yip, we said ‘permanent’.

It’s 3 times faster and twice as accurate as other hair removal machines and is using the very latest technology available.

So how does SHR work? We’re glad you asked 🙂

The SHR machine constantly fires beams into the skin. This is taking place whilst we glide the hand piece up and down the area being treated. It’s safe, pain free and very cost effective.

There needs to be 1-2mm of hair present at the consultation…. then you will shave the area a couple of days before your appointment.

Statistics have shown that as much as 95% of hair targeted by a course of SHR treatments is permanently removed. How amazing is that!

At the moment SHR is a specialised machine and treatment therefore only available at our Glasgow branch, however you’re all welcome to book if you can manage the trip there.

Consultations must be carried out at least 48hrs prior to any laser treatment and will normally take around 45mins.  We need to carry out a medical consultation and a patch test to decide the correct course that will be suitable for your hair type.

Or call 0333 444 9433 to book a consultation.

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