So who is Kerri-Ann Angus?

I’m glad you asked!

Hey! Thanks for reading my story. I’m the owner of Peaches Wax Bars and Peaches Training Academy. But it wasn’t always that way…….

Pull up a chair and get a cup of tea  🙂

I have to pre-warn you. With me, what you see is what you get. There’s a few swear words and some direct talk in my story.

Ok? Great, let’s go.

I worked as a waitress and a receptionist through my teens, partying like a rockstar, living off very little money through the week to afford more rockstar antics at the weekends.

I increased my overdraft limit by £50 or £100 every time I was skint so I didn’t have to be the one sitting at home while my friends were out.


“knew I wanted more for myself and my daughter”

Peaches Wax Bar Kerri-Ann Angus
Peaches Wax Bar Kerri-Ann Angus
I fucked about with my life until I had a baby. Even then, if I’m completely honest, I continued to fuck about until she was going to nursery.

Messing about and hanging about with ‘the wrong crowd’ until my Dad told me he wouldn’t speak to me until I sorted my shit out made me really think about things.

Being a Daddy’s girl it hit me hard as I knew he meant it even though it killed him to say and do this… it was then that I knew I wanted more for myself and my daughter (and to get my Dad back).

I did just that and today he’s more proud of me than ever before.

Like a lot of girls in their early 20’s I knew I liked all things beauty. God I remember bugging the shit out my dad on my 15th birthday to take me to get my first ever set of nail extensions until he caved and took me into Glasgow.

They were hideous too! Fast forward 14 years and my daughter now asks me the same! Although thank heavens for my beauty contacts, I can at least hook her up with a great set of nails!

These days getting your nails done at 15 is a given. It’s 20 years later now. Times have changed. This movement in the last 20 years is exactly whats going to help you make it – if you really want it.

“my standards were born”

So I went to college to learn all things beauty. I found work in a spa after I’d been at college in for only 3 months.

God only knows what they saw in me to take me on in a 5 star spa. I went in and had only passed my basic waxing module and massage module.

Fast forward a few years on from there (a good few years) and I now know why they took me on… because the spa manager didn’t give a shit about her job or about the quality of treatments given to the spa clientele.

She also didn’t have a clue on how to run a spa. She left not long after I did – possibly got the sack. That spa manager did however teach me loads… Not in a direct way, she just made me realise what I wanted out of my career.

I hated everything about the ‘behind the scenes’ of the spa. I hated that they used to fill the facial product containers up with cheap products because they had ran out. My thoughts when this was happening was ‘why didn’t you know you were running low and order more’.

I hated that some of the staff had to put up with creepy guys wanting more when they were in the room having a massage. My thoughts when this was happening were ‘why would you not tell the guy to fuck off and never return in the most diplomatic way to protect your staff’.

This is where my standards were born.

My cleaning/treatment standards were higher than the spa’s, I had more morals and actually cared how the clients left feeling (but not the creepy ones of course).

“I can do that better than they can”

I thought to myself ‘I can do that better than they can’ and so I left and set up in the back of a hairdressers.

It was a wee room that had been used previously as a beauty room so was basically set up how I needed it. I’m sure there was even a plinth in there and some other equipment. So it was set up and good to go once I got the products in.

I thought the owner of the hairdressers was a bit of an asshole. In saying that, I will admit that he taught me valuable lessons not only in business but in life too.

All of which I have carried on with time and have served me well, looking back I thought he was an asshole but in reality he just intimidated me at the time, he also wasn’t very liked by his staff members who at the time I was friends with. So that added to my opinion of him.

Peaches Wax Bar Kerri-Ann Angus

“I decided to go it alone”

I moved from one place to another for about 3 years. Until I decided that what I had, that vision, was way greater than just being in the back of a hairdressers and handing over £150 rent every week to the owner.

I decided to go it alone… REALLY be my own boss.

Be the key-holder to my own salon and build an empire, in that empire would be a squad of awesome humans who fought for the brand and strived to be the goddamn best in the business.

By scraping together the 3 months rent advance that they required to let me move in, I took on the shop. Then realised I had no money left.

I had to borrow off my dad (my hero – who’s never fallen out with me again since that one time way back when) then scrounge food and bills from my now husband (the other hero in my life).

“It took every hour of the day to set the salon up”

It took every hour of the day to set the salon up to be ready to trade. As in I was literally there from 6am until the following day, painting and trying to make this whole big empty shop into a salon.

My brother who briefly trained as a joiner threw some partitions up and I painted. The place looked like shit compared with how it looks today. All I can say is thank goodness shabby chic was big back then. That’s how it looked and we rolled with it. It worked.

I am a big believer in the saying ‘you can do anything but not everything’. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for my Mum taking over with my daughter for the school runs and keeping the bedtime routine going while we were painting/waxing/working til late.

I don’t feel bad about it, why? Because my daughter still has the love and support she needs, see’s that working hard gets you places and now I can buy my Mum awesome gifts for her birthdays and Christmas as a small thank s for all she does (she’s now minding the baby on top of the teen!)

Fast forward 4.5 years and that shabby chic salon has had a makeover, has a training academy and another salon in Scotland.

Peaches Wax Bar Kerri-Ann Angus
Kerri-Ann Angus xx
Peaches Wax Bar Kerri-Ann Angus
Peaches Wax Bar Kerri-Ann Angus

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