Brow Design Course

Brow Waxing Course

Brows are the one thing we were all scared of waxing in college, right? 

With it being difficult to shake this fear off properly we have created a course that will help you understand brows in depth. 

Learn how to decide on the perfect shape for your client, how to define the brow perfectly, how to keep up with the latest brow trend and how to say no when someone is looking for the completely wrong kind of brow! (We have all had that client!) 


Who is it for?

Qualified beauticians looking to take their skills to the next level.
Beginners courses available on a 1-1 basis. 

What's included?

>> A comprehensive exploration and practical guidance on all aspects of this crucial brow treatment.

>> Deciding on the perfect brows to suit the face that is infront of you regardless of who it may be and what they look like!

>> Learn how to help your client see what brows are best for them.

>> Learn about the ‘brow journey’ and how to offer a tailor made journey for each of your clients.

>> Learn how to measure perfect brows for each individual face shape.

>> Learn about tinting and how to choose the correct shade for certain hair colours. 

>> Learn brow shaping and how to define brows further using makeup.

>> We aim to provide all models on the day.

>> Lunch, coffee and cakes all day long.

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Duration of course

The course lasts a full day with a lunch break and regular breaks.


Course fees

£280 + VAT

1-1 Advanced Course – £480 + VAT (includes facial hot waxing).
1-1 Beginners Course – £600 + VAT.

Additional information

No pre-requisite required for beginners courses.
HNC/D or previous waxing qualifications and experience required for advanced courses.
Attending this course is not an automatic pass. You may be asked to return for a half-day session to further your skills and gain certification.

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