Beginner Body Waxing

If you haven’t studied Beauty Therapy but want to learn a trade or enter back into an industry that you can make an honest living on, then this is the course for you.

If you love learning and want to know in depth all about waxing and everything that goes with it such as the structure of the skin, contra-indications and about how medicine can affect the skin, to then carry your expertise on to be able to offer the highest quality waxing treatments then this course is for you.

If you are a start up beauty business and need that little boost of expert knowledge and skill, then this course will set you up with more than enough of what you need to step up to the competition with grace, confidence and incredible skill.

A comprehensive exploration and practical guidance on all aspects of this crucial waxing technique. Learn male & female body waxing using both strip and hot wax using the best techniques created by ourselves. 


You will be placed in a class with no more than 1 other student to ensure we offer all our attention and provide the highest quality training available in the industry.


We aim to provide all models on the day. Students will never be asked to practice on each other.


A small kit is included. You will require your own wax heater however when you book through ourselves we can offer 10% discount with opening order for Perron Rigot UK. 


Lunch provided, cakes provided and more importantly coffee is served on request all day long. 


We also offer a 5 day Beginners Advanced 1-1 course for complete beginners who want to ensure they learn the skill and leave with experience behind them.

Complete beginners and qualified beauticians looking to refresh & improve their waxing skills.

Course Fees

£400 + VAT – 1 Day Course (designed for therapist with basic waxing qualification, looking to enhance their skills)


1-1 Training – £680 + VAT – 1 Day Course (designed for therapist with basic waxing qualification, looking to enhance their skills)


1-1 Beginners Advanced Course – 5 day course – £3000 + VAT (designed for candidates completely new to waxing with no qualification)


This course offers our ‘Business In A Box’ kit provided to you on your first day of training.
More information on this available on request



1 Day

Pre-requisite – HNC/D or previous waxing qualifications and experience required.

Attending this course is not an automatic pass. You may be asked to return for a half-day session to further your skills and gain certification.